It is raining. Drat. I had planned to do my ‘cross work-out this morning. Now I’m waiting until this afternoon. Yes, I know that I’ll be racing in the rain. But I don’t find the need to train in the rain if there is a chance it will be dry later. I really don’t mind the rain once I get out there. But today, I’d like it to not be dark and raining when I’m out ripping it up.

So, this afternoon it is. Got a solid ‘cross ride planned – going to work on taking corners and obstacles at race speed and work on the all important starts. Got to work on my starts. I’ve figured out the problem (okay Marc and Steve figured out the problem) – slow leg speed – I don’t turn my legs over quickly and I pause after clipping in. So this is what I’ll focus on today. I’ve actually been paying attention to the leg speed on my road bike. Yesterday I noticed that when I have to stop (light, stop sign, whatever) – I’m slow to get my legs turning over – like a slow-motion sprint. So yesterday I focused on turning the legs over fast – amazing how quickly the wattage numbers jump!

Kingston Photos are up. I’ve also put a link on the Photos page.

Remember that the Ride with Rendall ‘cross training is still on for Wednesday night. Don’t be shy – come on out. All skill levels and club affiliations are welcome. It is a good fun time. I’ve learned a lot from these sessions. Great way to wind down after the work day as well – zooming around flags, jumping over barriers, and sharing some laughs.

Yeesh, it is 7:33 a.m. and still rather dark out there. More later.

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