Yesterday’s ride was slippery. Wet and slippery leaves. Slick tree roots. Very slippery innocent looking apples hiding in the leaves. But heck – I was outside riding my bike and having fun. An excellent ride and work-out. 90 minutes endurance with 4 cyclo-cross starts. The type of work-out that has you working a bit harder with some intense moments but doesn’t leave that bad taste in your mouth. Just what I needed after a rest week.

I admit the weather was not that welcoming. It was raining. Cold. Gloomy. I was alone. But then a quote from “The Iceman” Chuck Liddell (mixed martial arts fighter) popped in my brain: “A coward is someone who is not willing to put in the hard work when no one is watching”.

This is so true. Think of this the next time you don’t feel like getting out there. Sure it won’t be fun at the beginning, but the pay-off at the end will be massive.

On deck for today – tempo work-out followed by a ‘cross work-out. Oh yeah, it is a biggie today. Love it. Tempo work-outs are fun – I feel like I’m flying and the effort is one that just puts a slight dull ache in your legs. No lung burning. Just a subtle ache – reminds you that you’re alive.

As for racing – racing at home this weekend. Mooney’s Bay. I haven’t raced at Mooney’s Bay in a long time. Hope those geese are gone by Sunday…

November is jam-packed with racing and traveling. We are home for only one weekend in November (this is when we get ourselves organized for Belgium), then we head to RI for some racing. We get home from RI on the 7th (after racing and then driving 8 hours) – we have the 8th to clean and pack bikes – then on the plane on the 9th. Yes, a bit insane. But totally worth it.

Remember, Ride with Rendall training tonight. Also, I posted a link on the Photos page to more Kingston photos.

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