Mooney’s Bay Pics

Check out the Photos page. I’ve posted a link to some photos from Francois. Thanks Francois!

Ah, it is a bit early in the day for me to really post anything that interesting… Though congrats to Adam for a solid ride in Tabor. Also congrats to Wendy for a strong ride in Tabor. Pretty exciting to have people you know racing at the World Cups!

Looks like we got the best of the weather yesterday for our races. Glad that rain held off until the evening. Don’t know about you, but I’m a bit tired from racing at Mooney’s Bay! That course kicked me (in a good way).

Okay, it is quite early. My brain is not 100 % awake yet. I’ll post more later. On deck for today – yoga and a recovery ride. Sensible way to start the week. Cheers!

Oh – big news from the Quebec Cyclo-Cross series – the Orange men have done it! Congrats to Rob Orange and his son Keirnan Orange for winning the Quebec series jerseys. Way to go guys – you’re making the Ottawa crew very proud. Looking forward to hearing all about the races.

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