What Makes a Rider?

Maybe the title should be: What Makes a Racer? In my opinion there really isn’t a difference between a rider and a racer. So I’ll leave it as rider.

I was thinking about this today when I was out on my recovery ride. What makes a rider? I’ve come up with this: legs, heart, and head. Now the order is the tricky part. What is more important? It is the chicken and egg thing. Can’t get the legs without the heart. Can’t use the legs without the head. Heart can take you only so far. But how far does heart take you when the legs can’t or won’t? The head is can win races, even if the legs aren’t there (especially true on the road). Anyway, this is what I was thinking about while pedaling away today. What do you think? What makes a rider? I’m curious to know what you think.

Wouldn’t it be so easy if it really was the expensive bike and swank clothing? (But probably very boring…)

Northampton this weekend. Make sure you pre-register. There is no race day registration.

One thought on “What Makes a Rider?

  1. In my opinion it is 20% in the legs, 80% in the head. Heart is just a pre-requisite if you want to be first. If you manage all three, you are a racer. If not, you are a rider.


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