Say it isn’t so… But it sure felt winter like out there. Okay – Belgium winter like. Which isn’t a bad thing as winters go. But I’ve got to tell you, I’m not enthused with the snow predictions we here in Ottawa are hearing. I’m blocking it out. Pretending that the weather man is wrong. (He’s been wrong before…)

So I’ve finally dried off and recovered from today’s cyclo-cross work-out. 90 minutes endurance with 5 start intervals. A good solid ride. Keeps the blood pumping, brings a dull ache to the legs, some fire to the lungs, and an enormous feeling of satisfaction when the ride is done.

I’ve got to admit I wasn’t too excited to get out in the elements today. Wicked wind. Sideways rain. Cold. Not the way I want to spend a couple of hours. But this is what the coach said to do – so this is what I did. I bundled up and put on all my waterproof layers – really wasn’t that bad.

In fact I felt pretty stoked to be out there. Ripping around the park, attacking the climbs, hammering through the mud, and sliding through fast corners. Cool. I’m out training. I bet other people decided to “rest” today.

All part of being a rider. Besides in a few months, this will be my winter. And it is not like I can stay in and “rest” everyday. Bonus was I had the park to myself. Just me and the geese.

Now it is back to the real world. Work is calling my name and Mr. Murphy (the fat grey cat is downstairs yowling) – he wants to go out. Silly boy. (Or maybe he is a wannabe cyclo-cross racer?)

One thought on “Winter?

  1. “I’m not enthused with the snow predictions we here in Ottawa are hearing. I’m
    blocking it out. Pretending that the weather man is wrong”

    You’re not the only one. I use to love winter during my teens. Loved xc skiing. Loved downhill skiing. Even loved running along the canal in the winter.

    As I age, I hate winter.
    I don’t look forward to the extra cost of hydro. The cost of driving places (when I could have biked). The time to shovel (not that I have a whole lot of shoveling cause I don’t really have a home)

    I’m going to miss biking for the season. I see that snow coming down and my face draws a frown cause I know it will stick around up in the hills. I have a feeling that last weekend was the last weekend up in the gatineaus. Wonderful it was with the gates closed.

    Going to try to do a lot of running this winter. Looking at a 1.40 1/2 marathon schedule. Yikes, I gotta put in close to 60km a week. Painful it seems.

    Might take the O-train a couple of times to the gatineaus to do some skiing. I can’t justify driving to train. So, I’ll take the train to train.

    Good to hear you were out there. I wasn’t. Wimped out riding today. Maybe tomorrow.

    Think of it this way, just 6 months to go!
    Enjoy shoveling all the white stuff, more to come I take it!

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