‘Cross Practice Canceled

The Ride with Rendall Wednesday night ‘cross training is canceled for Oct. 29.

Training sessions resume next week, regardless of weather….

So this snow forced me into the basement. Onto the trainer. Yuck. Did not enjoy it. Is it just me or does the effort seem harder on the trainer? At the very least I got in an excellent work-out. Three 15 minute sweet spot tempo intervals. Ouch. Great training sensations that I will summon this weekend in Northampton.

No ‘cross practice tonight. Honestly, I wouldn’t have gone anyway. Conditions like this are excellent for training in. But – they are also ripe for making me fall off my bike. I’d like to keep up my one-week epic of “not falling off my bike”. I’ll be there next week. For sure. I hope this snow goes soon. I don’t have time for shoveling nor do I want to spend my time on the trainer.

I really haven’t got much else for today. No deep thoughts or pondering. Just some tired legs and a rosy cheeks. I love the way the training sensations stick around well after the work out is complete.

Hitting the road on Friday to make the drive down to Northampton for the Cycle-Smart International races. Should be good. I read on the NEC message board that the organizers are planning on running two different courses. Smooth. Very smooth. Saturday will be the traditional course and Sunday will see a tighter course with some direction changes and other cool stuff. Make sure you pre-register. No race day sign-ups.

It was on this race weekend last year that I raced my first “elite” races. Made the jump from the 3/4 category to elite. Yikes, I was so nervous. Had no idea what to expect. I struggled the first day in Farmington, Conn. but rebounded with a better ride on Sunday in Northampton. It will be interesting to see how I do this weekend.

So much has changed in a year.

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