So it is the day before a race. Well, the day before a double-header weekend. I’ve just gone through my “the day before the race” rituals.

In short order they are: do an opening work-out, pack race bag, pack other stuff needed, shave legs. That’s it. Pretty simple stuff. I basically do this before every race weekend. Simple. Safe. No surprises here and I pretty much always pack the same things. Yes, right down to the same t-shirts and pants. This way, I know I’ve got everything and don’t really need to think. Keeps the error ratio down. Shave legs – I like to do this the day before a race (obviously I won’t do this again on Saturday…). Not sure where I got this habit. Probably from racing on the road for a couple of months in Belgium. I heard an old-wives tale that one should never shave their legs on race day – something about draining much needed energy.

So, I comprise – the day before. Oh yah, one more thing I do – pull on the compression socks. Especially for car and plane travel. These nylon stockings may not look pretty but they keep my legs from puffing up and prevent that dead feeling.

Just about to dash out the door. Sorry for the short post. I’ll most likely see some of you in Toronto. Safe travel. If you’re racing in Almonte this weekend – have fun and pedal hard. Okay, I’m out. Thanks for reading.

Trying to keep thing simple…

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