New Jersey Mud and Heat

Ah, what a day. A muddy one. But a good one. Solid sleep last night and a leisurely morning helped kick off a fine day of racing.

Got to the course today to warm-up with the guys. Due to the nature of the course – it was a slow warm-up lap. I got less than one lap in. But enough to see that it was going to be a slow one. And a muddy one. Overnight the course turned from a fast ridable course to a slow slogest that featured a lot of running.

I’ve written a race report. But suffice it to say – there is a reason I’m a bike racer and not a runner! This being said, I still had a lot of fun.

Marc and Steve were up at 12:30. I enlisted the support of Alex Sanna to work the pits for Marc’s race. This took a lot of pressure of both myself and Marc. Alex is a pro and he did an awesome job getting Marc’s bike ready for him each time he pitted (which was every half lap!). This also freed me up to warm-up on the dry roads and to cheer on Marc and Steve. Marc had an excellent race. Slogged through the mud and looked super strong. He has a massive bruise on his knee now – not sure how it happened. Steve rode super well as well. Both guys looked super smooth and very focused. Congrats guys!

My race was up next. I really wasn’t that nervous. Funny my race day nerves have really subsided. I guess because I’m that much more used to racing. This is a good thing. I think I wasted a lot of energy in the past by simply being nervous.

After my race, I got in some recovery drink and then went for a longish cool down ride. Did I mention how warm it was today? So warm that I wore a short sleeve skinsuit with out an undershirt. The only drawback to the short sleeves are the scratches on my right forearm from the grit and mud that got rubbed into my skin from shouldering the bike so much!

We made it back to the hotel really quickly and Marc got to fast work on the bikes. They are all sparkly clean and good to go for tomorrow. Thanks Marc. I got going on the laundry. Three loads later and the clothes are clean and ready. Took a driving adventure to Whole Foods to get some salad and food for tomorrow’s drive home. That was an adventure – lets just say I haven’t quite got the hang of the turning lanes here in New Jersey… Made it one piece and had a nice browse around. My Dopers Suck t-shirt raised a few eyebrows and started a few conversations. Cool.

Okay, time to go. Looking forward to racing tomorrow. No idea what tomorrow will hold. It is raining right now, so the chances of things drying up is looking pretty slim. Thanks for reading. Have a good one.

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