New Jersey Mud and Cold

So, it was a chilly one on Sunday. I pinned up the short-sleeve skinsuit but caved and ended up wearing the long sleeve skinsuit. We had a chilled out Saturday night – watched a bit of the movie The Break-Up. This is one funny movie – I had that Yes song in my brain all night and most of Sunday.

Relaxed morning with a few laughs, some surfing, and then off to the race. After talking to Ben T., I elected to not pre-ride. The course was relatively unchanged – one long section was removed – other than that it was the same. I rolled around on my bike and cheered on Marc and Steve. I was thrilled to see Steve ride to a super amazing third place. Way to go Steve! Marc rode really well also. He had a tough hard crash on the pavement before the bridge that cost him a few spots and some skin. Marc rode to an impressive 13th place. Awesome Marc – so proud of you. I missed Steve’s podium – but rumor has it that no one sang “You are the wind beneath my wings”…

My race was up next. Not much to say here. Check out the race report. Suffice it to say – I left New Jersey muddy and not very satisfied…

Once again, we enlisted the help of Alex Sanna – this made the day much more simple and easy for both Marc and myself. It allowed me to warm-up sufficiently and Marc was able to watch my entire race. Thanks again Alex.

After quickly hosing off the bikes and my body we were in the van and on the way home. Trip home was fairly uneventful. I had one too many lattes – resulting in too much caffeine. (Note: I don’t drink coffee – only on long car drives.) Well, too lattes was too much. Lesson learned. Did discover the wonders of the Cold Stone Creamery in Binghamton, NY. Very tasty. Nasty blast of snow and hail slowed us down a bit but other than that we made it home without issue. In bed by 12:30. Asleep by 12:31.

Another weekend of racing is in the books. Some excellent performances from Marc, Steve and the other Canadians (Wendy, Natasha, and Derrick). Congrats guys on your great races. All of you make me want to do better and reach your level. The extra bonus was running into lots of friendly faces again and getting time to chill out with our cyclo-cross friends. Thanks for the cheering – it helps so much. The man in the gorilla suit was pretty cool – though I was relieved he did not chase me like he did to some other racers! Fantastic to see such a large elite women’s field lining up on both days. This field is getting deeper and stronger with every race. Just what we need.

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