Snow White

Not the fairy tale. No the great outdoors. It is so snowy and white out there. Beautiful really. Though I doubt the Belgians found it beautiful… But to us hardy Canadians, this pure fresh white snow is something else. It is so clean. So bright. A true sign that the seasons are changing. Can’t fight it so might as well embrace it. Looks like it will be a final snowy race at Mooney’s Bay this Sunday.

That’s right – last race of the OBC cyclo-cross series. I can’t speak enough about this local cyclo-cross series. Run on a not-for-profit basis with tireless volunteers, this Ottawa cyclo-cross series has done a lot for cyclo-cross in Canada. Many a national champion has gotten their start with the OBC series. The series has blossomed to now host two races a day – with large numbers and lots of smiling faces. I haven’t been out to many OBC races this season – but the ones I was at were some of my most favorite races of the season. The best part for me is watching the success and accomplishments of the “beginners”. These guys and gals are out there on all types of bikes slogging it up, down, around, and over barriers with a lot of heart and passion. Seeing this simply inspires me to race harder and to improve everyday (on and off the bike). I was a “beginner” only a few years ago (gosh some days I still feel like one) – it is the hardest spot to be. But also the best. Massive thanks to Ian, Bob, Cheryl, Bryan, and the countless other volunteers who set up, score keep, tear down, and put up with the complaints and questions every week.

Just finished an excellent training ride. On the trainer. But it was the perfect trainer ride – 3 x 12 sweet spot intervals. Tough. Blood pumping. Reminds me that I’m alive and kicking. I watched Charlie Wilson’s War during my ride. Excellent film. Watch it – you won’t regret it. Also perfect length for the trainer: 1:42 minutes long.

Really, not much else going on. We are here in Ottawa for only two more weeks. That’s right two weeks for now we’ll be doing the last minute packing and making our way to the airport. Ottawa-Frankfurt-Brussels. Sweet. Amazing how quickly the time passes. I’m looking forward to a week at home – no traveling, a local race, and time to chillax and recharge.

Don’t forget the OBC cyclo-cross awards and wrap-up night on Dec. 3. The evening kicks off at 7 p.m. at the Rideau Curling Club. Come out and have some laughs and share some stories with your racing buddies. There are typically big bowls of unhealthy snacks (think orange cheese puff things and those ring-a-los) – perfect way to get ready for the off-season. I’ll see you there.

Thanks so much for the emails, comments and positive vibes over the last couple of days. It means a lot to me to read your emails and comments. Sunday was a great day on the bike. But the last two days have been just as rewarding when I read the kind words you’ve sent me. Thanks.

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