It is Wednesday. Hump day. Just have to get through Wednesday and the weekend is that much closer. Funny day Wednesday. Anything you wanted to get done during the week, well if it isn’t done now – don’t count on it being done before the weekend. (At least this is what happens at my house…)

Excellent ride this morning. Well, excellent for the trainer. 5 x 10 minute intervals with 1 minute rest between. Yes, my legs hurt. But my brain was happy. It said “remember this feeling” “store this feeling”. I realized as I was pedaling away watching Canada AM, that in one month I’ll be racing in a World Cup.

Dudes – how cool is this? In fact in four weeks from now, I’ll have already raced on World Cup. Again – dudes – is this not cool? To think that three years ago I was racing at the master’s level and was way way off the pace of the leader in my category. And now I’ve got an elite license and I’m going to race in three World Cups (Nommay, Zolder, and Roubaix).

It just goes to show – that really anything is possible. Do you have a goal or dream? Does it seem crazy? Perfect – write it down. Put the piece of paper in your pocket – look at it every day. Feel that dream every time you reach into your pocket for change or your cell phone. Remember it. Live it. I’m serious about this.

Took the trusty bikes into The Cyclery today. They need an overhaul before making it into the bike bags and onto the plane. Thanks to Steve and Vince for taking care of me so well this season and for really looking out for me. Much appreciated. I would really be lost without their support.

Not much else going on. Looking forward to racing at home this weekend. Last race of the OBC series. Thanks to the snow, it will be epic. At least it won’t be really cold. Snow I can handle but I find the cold more difficult to take.

Saw that Barry Wicks and Adam McGrath are racing over in Japan right now. Very cool. A few summers ago I was in Belgium racing on the road and I met a very helpful man – Harry. He helps the Japanese cyclo-cross team when they come to Europe to race. So amazing this sport of ours. Brings out the best.

Have a good one. Time to get back to some of my other writing.

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