This is how I describe this past week of training and recovering. Solid. Had a chance this week to get in a couple extra days of intensity. Felt good to go hard on back-to-back training days. I kind of missed this feeling. Race and recover is great. But I like to works myself over in training. Good thing I’m not self-coached or I’d be one of those bike racers who rides around at just below threshold all the time.

So one race on the calendar this weekend. Snow and Mooney’s Bay. Appropriate way to close off the local Ottawa ‘cross season. Of course, we could be looking at snow next weekend in Rhode Island. You never know in New England. Really looking forward to going to Rhode Island.

The first time we went to Rhode Island was three years ago. I was over the moon to be going to Rhode Island. I could have cared less about the racing. I really just was excited to “finally” be in Rhode Island. You see, way back in grade five, I did a report on Rhode Island. From that day I really wanted to go to Rhode Island. Kind of like how Mars is my planet, Rhode Island is my state. Ya, I’m a bit nutty some times. I remember when Marc asked me what the best part of the weekend was, I replied “Just being here in Rhode Island.” So, needless to say, I’m looking forward to going back.

Got a few more things stroked off the “to do before we leave for Belgium” list yesterday. Nice to be making some progress in that area. Really looking forward to being back in the house in Blauberg. It will be super smooth to be going out on the Tuesday and Thursday training rides and joining in on the big team ‘cross training on Wednesdays. Also will be nice to see our friends that we’ve made over the years. Think one of the first stops we’ll make is at the bakery. Then to the grocery store next door to say hello to our very helpful Flemish language teachers.

Did a nice recovery ride this morning. 90 minutes flew by on the trainer. Guess I’ve got my brain around the trainer now. I remember last winter when I was doing three hour trainer rides and then I’d do a 60 minute ride – the 60 minute ride would seem like it was over before it started.

Speaking of being over before it started – I better get back to some other typing. Or this day will be gone before I know it. See you on Sunday. And don’t forget Wednesday night at the Rideau Curling Club.

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