Not Much

Not much going on right now. Just the usual stuff. Training – on the trainer. Endurance ride today. Time went by very quickly. (I discovered Californication…) Racing here at home this weekend. So the usual Thursday night scrambling of packing, cooking, and bike cleaning won’t be happening.

So really it is rather quiet here. Not that I’m complaining. Gives me a chance to get organized for the upcoming trip. Been making lists of things still left to be done. Trying to figure out the minimum amount of non-cycling clothes I can take. Bought a couple of magazines for the trip – hard to buy English magazines in Belgium.

See. Really not much. Sorry. This is a bit dull today. I’d post links to some cool action out there on the WWW but, all is quiet today. I think a lot of you are eating turkey and spending quality time with your important people.

Funny, I have two sites. This one (obviously) and this one. I worry that one day I’ll get them confused. This site will be full of words about knitting, recipes, and the work-from-home life. The other site will be consumed with training, racing, and motivation.

Okay, well really that’s all I’ve got. See you tomorrow? It will be more exciting. I promise. (Maybe I’ll just make something up.)

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the south. Happy Thursday to the rest of you.

Sunday. Mooney’s Bay. Be There.

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