Dudes, we’re supposed to be leaving for Belgium today… But the weather isn’t playing nice. Keep your fingers crossed that the freezing rain doesn’t appear… Really don’t feel like being stuck here because of the weather man.

Weather aside, things here are running smoothly. Two bikes are packed. Clothing is sorted. Extra gear is organized.

We’re both a bit worn-out right now – the trip home from Rhode Island was long and a bit stressful and yesterday was pretty busy getting last-minute errands done and packing. Ah, but all this chaos and craziness is totally worth it. Belgium. Racing in Belgium and Holland this weekend. Yeesh – am I dreaming? I forget sometimes how lucky we are to be living this life. Really can’t take anything for granted.

So I got some new gear last week. Another set of wheels thanks to OGC and Mavic. I raced them on the weekend and they are totally bomb proof. I hit so many roots and those wheels kept on rolling. Thanks OGC and Mavic for the wheels.

I also got some Skins. I’ve been trying to get some Skins for a while now. Thanks to Vince at The Cyclery, I’m good to go. I wore my Skins on the trip to Rhode Island and basically whenever I wasn’t racing. I like them. A lot. They prevent the nasty leg swelling I was getting and my legs really do feel better recovered. Thanks Vince for getting these for me on such short notice. I’ll definitely be wearing these travel and recovery tights on the plane tonight.

Okay dudes, I best go. Still lots to get done. Two bikes still need to be packed. And unfortunately it looks like we’ll be shoveling the driveway one last time for 2008…

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