Settled In

Well, we’re getting closer. We are now at the Air Canada lounge in Ottawa.

We managed to cram all our stuff into four bike boxes and two pieces of luggage. We didn’t want to add the second piece of luggage but really didn’t have much choice. Luckily we got a very friendly lady at the check-in counter – she cut us a deal on the extra baggage. Nice.

Huge thanks to Robbie O for the bike box. Massive thanks to Vince for the bike box. You guys saved us again – thanks – expect some Belgian chocolate in your future. Huge thanks to our neighours for looking in on Murphy and for taking care of our driveway. More chocolate is on order.

Dudes – Belgium. Cool or what? We’ll be racing this weekend. Going on the big group ride on Thursday. Just like home (our home away from home). We miss Murphy already but we know he is in good hands.

Okay – I best go. A few things to check out. Look for me tomorrow from Belgium.

Best of of luck at Nationals in Kansas City – we’ll be watching. Pedal hard. Remember to accelerate out of the corners and keep the elbows pointy.

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