Guess Where I Am?

If you guessed the Air Canada Lounge at the Ottawa Airport – you’re correct!!!

This is so crazy it is close to being laughable.

We boarded at 10:30 and then got off at 1:30 – we were deiced and then a mechanical issue was discovered.

We are supposed to leave at 6:15….

Maybe I’ll get to ride on Thursday. More later – hopefully from Belgium and not Ottawa.

Yep – still here in Ottawa… In the airport. Flight was canceled at 3 a.m. this morning…. It took 1.5 hours to get the luggage off the plane.

Then we had to wait until 6 a.m. to check in. Now we don’t have flights booked from Frankfurt to Brussels… We’ll have to stay overnight in Frankfurt – at our own expense. We are not too jazzed right now.

At least this proves why you should always leave lots of time for travel. So now we essentially have lost two days of our trip.

So tired. Can’t really think right now. More later – I guess from Frankfurt. I need to ride my bicycle!!!

(Sorry to those of you who read both of my sites – this is the same content that I posted on Victoria’s Island. Just so tired and have a wicked headache can’t really come up with anything original.)

I can say that I miss real food. At least in the Air Canada lounge there is some yogurt and museli. Can’t wait to get to Belgium. I’ve never wanted to ride my bike so badly. I don’t care what the weather is like, I need to ride. This will be my third day without riding now. Too busy on Monday – getting ready for Tuesday’s flight. Couldn’t ride Tuesday because the bike was in a bike box. Can’t ride Wednesday because the bikes are somewhere in the airport. Hopefully Thursday – assuming we get a connecting flight and the bikes arrive… Sigh.

Don’t travel close to your race. Luckily we just have a couple of local races this weekend. But this was not part of the plan. Okay – having trouble typing – must get some sleep.

At least I’ve got my Skins on – they’re keeping me fresh…

Settled In

Well, we’re getting closer. We are now at the Air Canada lounge in Ottawa.

We managed to cram all our stuff into four bike boxes and two pieces of luggage. We didn’t want to add the second piece of luggage but really didn’t have much choice. Luckily we got a very friendly lady at the check-in counter – she cut us a deal on the extra baggage. Nice.

Huge thanks to Robbie O for the bike box. Massive thanks to Vince for the bike box. You guys saved us again – thanks – expect some Belgian chocolate in your future. Huge thanks to our neighours for looking in on Murphy and for taking care of our driveway. More chocolate is on order.

Dudes – Belgium. Cool or what? We’ll be racing this weekend. Going on the big group ride on Thursday. Just like home (our home away from home). We miss Murphy already but we know he is in good hands.

Okay – I best go. A few things to check out. Look for me tomorrow from Belgium.

Best of of luck at Nationals in Kansas City – we’ll be watching. Pedal hard. Remember to accelerate out of the corners and keep the elbows pointy.