New Year?

Is it a new year for you? It isn’t for me. Just because the calendar is rolling over, this doesn’t signify a new year for me. My new year starts in April. The start of a new racing season. I suppose if you don’t race ‘cross, you are well on your way to your new year…

It is hard to remember that it is New Year’s Eve here in Belgium. I’m really used to the “way” New Year’s Eve is celebrated at home in Canada – with mass commercialism. It is easy to forgot that something “big” is happening when you’re not listening to the media. Maybe since I’m tuned out of the language here, I’m missing out. We didn’t really do anything to celebrate – went out for some food at Sultan’s in Herselt. Now Nikki and Matt B. are over for a glass of champagne and a chat.

I’m racing tomorrow. I’m right back on the horse. I cracked but I’m over it. From what I hear, a crack is normal every once-in-awhile. Suppose it is normal. Just didn’t really think it would happen to me. I really did have a lot of fun at Azencross yesterday. I loved the course. I loved the conditions. I had a blast. Don’t know what the course will be like tomorrow in Luxembourg. I’m just looking forward to another race and to putting the bad feelings behind me. I don’t really have many more races left here. Next week is quiet because of the national champs happening everywhere except Canada and the U.S.

Had a solid ride today. Close to two hours. Picked up on some of my old summer routes. We had a trip planned to visit Math Salden – a pretty good cycling shop just an hour from here. If it wasn’t for this trip and the cold, I really could have stayed out for 3 hours. I was in the biking groove – legs felt good, head was clear, a perfect route, and some excellent tunes on the iPod. Loving my new super hat that I bought a few weeks ago. Okay, I best jet. Time to wind down and hit the sack. Have an early start tomorrow.

Happy New Year! Remember, don’t make any resolutions. You’ll only come to regret these later. Set some goals, make a plan, and work towards achieving your goal. Baby steps. And you’ll get there. And take it from me, there will be bumps along the way – but stay focused and remember why you set the goal.

One thought on “New Year?

  1. Let’s pretend it’s April: Happy New Year to you both, and to your cyclo-hosts Jos and Tim.

    Our goal: to have less long-distance driving to do…

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