Well, this isn’t the post I was planning to write. Certainly didn’t think at 8:00 a.m. this morning when I set off for Petange with a fully-loaded car that I’d be returning to write this: I did not race today. Don’t worry – I’m fine. I made it to Petange without incident. Found the permanance (registration), found the race start and course. Even got a good parking spot right next to the other Canadians.

Chatted with D-Rock about the course – he gave me some ample warning on the conditions… Got kitted up and set out. Well, lets just say this course was well outside my skillset. Wet slippery leaves covered frozen rutted mud. Many high speed twisty descents on said wet leaves and rutted mud. It seemed like every other tree was covered in padding to protect the innocent racers. I did one lap.

That’s it. I tried to convince myself that I could race the course. But I could barely ride it. It was beyond me. So I packed it in. Packed up my bikes and gear. Got changed. Called Marc – cried a little bit. Said good luck to D-Rock and Natasha and hit the road back to Westmeerbeek. The real drag about the whole ordeal was that I really wasted my entire day. I spent 5 hours driving. All I got in one was an hour on the trainer.

How am I feelng? Okay I guess. No excuses can be made or said. No reason for not racing can be produced. Honestly – the course was beyond my skillset. Next year I’ll be back and I’ll race on that course. But this year I can’t do it.

2 thoughts on “Luxembourg

  1. There’s often a fine line between foolishness and doing what’s best. Glad you stayed on the right side of the line.

    And there were two reasons not to race: common sense and knowing one’s limits.

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