I’m looking at today as a fresh start. A fresh start to 2009. I’m finally over the stomach sickness that hit me on Friday. Most likely it was some kind of stomach virus. Massive thanks to D-Rock for his email advising me what to do – much appreciated. Sorry for not posting these past two days but really there wasn’t anything to say. I didn’t do anything. I slept a lot. I ate brown rice, apricote compote (can’t stomach apples) and toast. And I slept.

But today, today I’m finally feeling well. I had a solid sleep. My body is no longer making funny noises and my legs don’t ache from walking up the stairs. Of course, I could have done without one thing this fine Monday morning… Snow. Yes – you read it correctly – dudes there is snow on the ground out there. Not a lot of snow. In fact in Canadian terms, I don’t even know if we would consider it to be snow. Such a fine dusting of white powder. But this thin little layer is sure to cause some chaos on the streets. Don’t know what it will do to our riding plans either.

Marc and I had talked about going to Kasterlee today to ride at the ‘cross park. Don’t know if this will still happen. It could be trainer time in the garage. Yikes.

Marc had a good race yesterday. I didn’t go – I wish I had because he could have done with the pit support. Marc was in second place – in a solid second place. When he crashed lapping a guy. Bent his shifter lever causing his front brake to jam. He bent it back and kept on going. With no one in the pit, he decided not to pit. He finished 6th. Still an excellent result and by the sound of it – Marc was riding super well. Congrats Marc! Your hard work and determination is paying off.

Pretty quiet week here. Most countries (well all countries except Canada and the U.S.) are holding their national champs this weekend so the race calendar is pretty much empty. The timing is probably pretty good as most of us North Americans could do with a break – seems like everyone is battling a cold, flu, an injury, tired legs, bad karma.

Well, I’ll try to post more later. I’m looking at today – Jan. 5, 2009 as the start to my new year. All the bad stuff for the year is now behind me and things can only get better now.

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