Winter in Belgium

Last winter we were blessed with perfect training and racing weather. This year, not so much. Snow. Not a lot of it – but enough to be a hassle – especially for us two-wheelers. I was itching to get out for a ride yesterday so Marc and I hit the road and made our way to Blauberg to visit the health food store. Actually had a pretty nice ride. Relaxing pace. Got some practice riding in the slippery stuff. The bike path to Blauberg was pretty much clear – it had been salted. Got out for a little over an hour. Just what I needed after my bout with the flu.

Super Van

Super Van

Snowy Cars

Snowy Cars

Ready to Ride

Ready to Ride

Beautiful Bright Snow

Beautiful Bright Snow

Got in a good yoga session in the late afternoon. So glad I borrowed some DVDs from Heather at Mountaingoat Yoga Centre. It is not the same as being in the hot power class – but at least I can keep my body limber and I’ll be ready for yoga when I get back in February.

So no group ride today. Darn – I was really looking forward to it. Wanted to get out for a couple of hours and enjoy the momentum of the group. I think I’ll hop on the trainer. 90 minutes or so. Just need to find a movie to watch… Not much else happening – pretty quiet really. I won’t bore you with tales of knitting and reading. (If you really want the details – go read Victoria’s Island.) Off to Leuven tomorrow afternoon for some shopping and perhaps a chocochino. Nice.

My spirits are definitely better. Thanks to the positive vibes I have received from you guys. And of course Marc has been my rock – constantly reminding me of my goals, how hard I’ve worked and what I can do. Coach Steve Weller has been awesome – I sent him some desperate emails and he continues to reinforce the plan and keep me focused.

I’ve updated my Flickr stream with some pics from Zolder.

Okay, I’m out. Have a good one. I love it – it is about -10 in England right now and on the BBC News, they are advising people on how to stay warm! Imagine if they came to Saskatchewan where it was -50! I guess it really is all about perspective…

One thought on “Winter in Belgium

  1. That looks pretty crazy Vicki! But it’s still sweet. I rode the rollers for the first time in forever last night and it was rough! I’ll stick to riding outside in the snow in -15. Yay! Keep it up!

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