Non-Racing Action

So things are quiet here without any racing. But that doesn’t mean life is slow. Just no yelling, pushing, sharp elbows, and autograph hounds. The weather here is still rather cold. So once again I rode the trainer. This time I watched a movie: 21. A good flic and the perfect length for the trainer – two hours.

Last night I was hit with the strange flu again. One minute I’m feeling good – had a busy day with work, a 90 minute ride, trip to the bike store, grocery store, bakery, and Chinese restaurant to get the menu. Then all of a sudden, I’m doubled over with stomach cramps. Ridiculous. I went to bed at 6:00 with horrible stomach cramps. I was so afraid of the attack I had on Friday. Not this time round – just six hours of terrible cramps and pains. Today I woke up totally fine. So very strange. I hope that’s the end of it.

Had a banner day today. Did the ride on the trainer. Then went to Leuven for an afternoon of shopping and walking. Had a great time. Picked up some nice gear – a couple of books and some clothes. Had a good sit down at Punto Cafe and enjoyed a chocochino. Excellent afternoon. To close off the day, Marc and I went out for dinner and finally celebrated his birthday. Marc posted a few pics on his Twitter page.

This time of year is a time of reflection, looking forward and making resolutions. I’ve written here before what I think of resolutions. I came across this article today (thanks Marc) and thought it was worth sharing. An excellent message – one that can really be applied to whatever it is you are doing/seeking.

Massive shout out to Nikki H. who is racing in the Great Britain National Cyclo-Cross Champs this weekend, Good luck Nikki – we’ll be cheering for you here in Belgium. When I came to Belgium in 2007 for May and June, I lived with Nikki and her boyfriend Matt in Blauberg. It is great to see them both excelling on and off their bikes. They’ve both had their share of adversity but still stick to their goals of being bike racers and getting the most out of life. In fact, Matt is currently featured on PezCycling News. Have a read. Pretty inspiring, considering Matt was hit by a truck last winter and had both his legs broken.

Well, there you have it. The action for a non-racing day/week. Who knows what tomorrow will hold? I’m hoping for a ride outside. The roads are nice and clear – it just depends on the temperature – though it is not like the garage is all that warm anyway! Not that I’m complaining – can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather spend my winter. (Well, in a few years Hawaii would be nice…)

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