Sorry, kind of quiet here right now. I’m in a funny place. My season is over. I’m trying to take a break from thinking about racing. This means that I’m really trying hard not to think about my season. What worked and what didn’t. Don’t take this to mean that I’m not going to go on that journey. Just not now. Right now I need to just chill. Read. Knit. Ride. Vegetate.

In a word though: hungry.

Really, I don’t have much for you today. No deep thoughts. No reflections. No plans. No motivating words.

Just quiet.

(Don’t worry there will be more to come.)

Now is the perfect time to say thank-you.

Thank-you to my sponsors: without the support of Kingsbridge, The Cyclery, Cycle-Smart, Outdoor Gear Canada, MountainGoat Yoga, and Clif Bar – I wouldn’t be sitting here in Belgium right now.

Thank-you to Marc – he has been my rock.

Thank-you to Steve Weller for the awesome coaching and advice.

Thank-you to Steve P. for his tireless work on my bikes and his steady technical training advice and support.

Thank-you to you – for your comments, emails, positive vibes, smiles, and kind words.

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