Late and Quick

So sorry. Had a super good post mapped out in my brain for today. I wrote it while riding today. But then I got busy. Did some messing around on the computer. Did some yoga. Chillaxed. Made supper – chicken curry with onion, zuchini, peppers, brown rice, quinoa (for me), and salad. Sort of skyped with my parents. Watched an episode of Top Chef. And now here we are. And the super awesome post is gone. Vanished from this brain of mine. Maybe it will come back. (Doubtful…)

So here is what I have for today, a quote I found on Simon Whitfield’s blog:

“The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

I like it. Spot on for me right now. I’m working on the new season. Ruminating. Planning. Thinking. Pulling things together.

Marc has the Masters World Championships this Saturday in Mol, Belgium. It is going to be a good one – I just know it. He was out at Mol today riding the course. Doing some drills. Finding his groove. He is hooked up with some super tires and wheels for the race – thanks to our pal Bart at Van Eyck Sports in Geel.

Rough one it seems for most people in Roubaix yesterday. Hey – it is experience in the bank. It is done. Put it to rest and look forward. The season is still young and the big show is yet to come. Eat some chocolate. Heck – buy a jar of the Cote D’Or chocolate spread (it is so good) and have a nice post-ride chocolate sandwich. Have some fun on the bike. Smile and remember why you race.

(Gee, maybe I should follow my own advice. Eh?)

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