Masters World ‘Cross Champs

Today is the day. The Masters World Cyclo-Cross Championships. Big race day for Marc. I’m super stoked and pumped up for him.

(So this post is about the race today, but I need to get something out of my head first…)

Jonathan Page has been cleared. Yes! I’m happy for him and his family. I’m a big JP fan. This guy has class and character. A lot of American ‘cross fans like to rip JP and actively do not support him. Why? I don’t really understand it. JP represents what we should all aspire to. He found his passion. He set a goal. He determined how best to achieve this goal. And he acted on it. He moved to Europe without any support and set up camp. He raced hard. Learned some tough lessons. But kept on coming back. Digging deeper and never accepting mediocrity. But still American race fans resent him. I just don’t get him. JP is doing it. He took the risks and did the real suffering. It is not easy to do what he does. Yeesh, I find two months hard enough and I don’t have to worry about making money from this bike racing game. Looking forward to more great things from JP.

(This is the end of me getting stuff out of my head, back to the race.)

So it is early still here. Racing action doesn’t start for a few hours yet. I’m riding to Mol and then I’ll take a quick shower and get ready for my first pit job. Ed is racing at 11:35 so I’ll be in the pits and cheering for him.

Marc races at 1:30. Send some fast and positive vibes this way at that time. Marc has got this course nailed. He is super fit right now. His technical skills have improved so much since being here. He is like a sponge – he soaks in everything. He really takes every race and experience for what it is and grabs as much as he can from them. Admirable.

Can’t wait to see him race. Go Marc. Pedal, pedal. Hit it hard!

One thought on “Masters World ‘Cross Champs

  1. By now (9:30 a.m. Sk time) Marc’s race will be over, so I’m looking forward to the next update, knowing that he will have given it his ll. Regardless, then, of the outcome, he – and you, Vicki – should have good feelings.

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