Just sitting here chilling out. Trying hard to wind down for the day and let my mind clear. This can be a struggle at times. But so far not bad for a Thursday.

Had a great day yesterday in Antwerp. Read all about my day over at Victoria’s Island. If you find yourself in Belgium, definitely check out Antwerp. It will not disappoint.

So what’s happening in cyclo-cross land? Honestly – not much. I’m winding down the training and just enjoying being on my bike. Hopped on the group ride for a bit today. Didn’t do the whole ride – wet and windy today. So I turned back and made a stop at the health food store in Blauberg and then sucked Marc and Ed’s wheels back to Westmeerbeek.

Marc and Ed have the Masters Worlds this Saturday. I’m looking forward to being there and cheering them on. And of course working the pits – hopefully I’ve got all my pit kinks out and everything will run smoothly. I kind of wish I could race at Mol, but rules are rules. And in another way, I’m super happy that I can’t race at Mol – it means I have come a long way.

Well, really not much else for you today. I know I promised some musings on my season, plans for the future, goals, and how I’m going to get there. Well, I won’t be posting anything about this until I have a chance to talk to Coach Steve and Nick. So expect, mid-February. I’ve also got to work out my goals for the road racing season.

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