Cyclo-Cross World Champs

Well, it is the weekend of the Cyclo-Cross World Championships. A super important weekend for us racers. I really wanted to be racing this weekend. I tried. But didn’t make it. Such is life. I’ll try again for next year. So instead of spending my last week here in Belgium, resting and gearing up for the big race, I’ve taken it pretty easy.

I only rode on Tuesday and Saturday. Rest of the days were spent sightseeing – Brussels, Bruges, and Paris. A great way to spend my last week here. Though I must admit, I’d rather have been fussing with my bikes, trying to keep my nerves down and preparing for the big race. Guess I’ll just have to wait until next year.

Marc and I spent a couple of great days in Paris. You can read all about it over at Victoria’s Island. We were a bit wiped out today from all the walking and sightseeing but it was well worth it. Can’t believe how fast and easy it is to get to Paris. It took us two hours traveling by train and the TGV.

Chilled out today and did the group ride. First time we’ve ever done the Saturday group ride. There were four groups of 50 out! Amazing. The route was a bit longer and definitely faster. In fact at one point I thought I was done for as we went super hard up a hill – but luckily we settled down a bit afterwards. After a few twists and turns, I ended up riding for 3.5 hours – not bad for the rest week!

So not much else happening really. Marc is racing tomorrow so we’re off to that and then we’ll come home and watch the races on the television. Yes, the World Champs are a mere one hour from us – but we are not interested in watching the race “live” with 40, 000 other people… Monday will be busy with packing and getting ourselves sorted for the trip home.

It has been a really good two months. A hard two months. But definitely the two months I needed. A solid dose of reality. A good bit of perspective. I’ve come along way from last year but I’ve still got a long way to go. I’m reignited and ready to give it another go. The plans are coming together. Thanks for the comments and suggestions about training – very much appreciated – keep them coming.

Well, I’m off to bed. Be sure to send Team Canada some super fast vibes tomorrow. It is going to be a good day on the bike for everyone.

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