Big Day

The big day is here. The world champs. Very cool. Massive shout out to the Canadian team. I’m sending you my fast and speedy vibes. I know you’ll give it your all. Can’t wait to read and hear all about the experience. (Yes, I’m super jealous.)

We’re off to another race today. Marc is racing his last race of the season today. Should be a good one. One last crack of it for fun after a week of basically no riding but lots of walking. We’ve set the television up to record the races so we’ll be watching when we get back. I’ve got a few hopes for the women’s race. We’ll have to see what happens.

Wow – can’t believe the two months is almost up. Tomorrow will be nutty. Packing. Washing. Last minute gift buying. You know how it is. At least the packing to go home is easier than the packing to leave.

Might get in one last ride tomorrow. Or not. Depends on the weather. I’m supposed to be on a break right now. So hard with the weather here.

Looking forward to getting home and back to the comforts of our place on Tamarack Place. Definitely stoked to see Mr. Murphy. Not sure how much he has missed us. We’ve heard from our housesitter that Murphy has been a massive suck. Normal I suppose for a spoiled cat.

The second part of the Andy Jacques-Mayne interview is up. Go check it out.

Okay time is tick tocking away and I’ve still got a few things to do before we jump in the super van for the drive to one last race.

Have a good one. Cheer hard for the Canadians.

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