Well dudes it is still looking a lot like winter out there. The view directly in front of me includes lots of white snow and a big fir tree that is looking a little on the chilly side. It is challenging at times to stay focused on cycling when the weather outside is anything but inviting. Well, I suppose this is why we have a Computrainer in the basement along with a biggish television and a PVR. Time goes by a little more quickly when I’m watching ER or choice films such as Bigger, Stronger, Faster.

I just started watching Bigger, Stronger, Faster the other day. I’m literally only 15 minutes in but from what I’ve heard it is pretty good film/documentary. In case it isn’t obvious from the title, the program is about steroids and sport…

Pretty much quiet around here. I’m getting into a full training program next week. Had two excellent sessions with John Z at the Ottawa High Performance Center. John has set me up with a very challenging strength program. I’ll be in the gym lifting three days a week – goal is to build more functional and explosive strength. I love the way each exercise I’m doing targets more than one muscle group – in my case I need to focus on building glute strength (common problem for a lot of cyclists – hamstrings end up taking the load from the glutes so the glutes in a sense become a dormant muscle). Checked out a couple local gyms last week, settled on the Nepean Sportsplex – good price, no initiation fee, decent size, not super trendy, and close to my house.

Picked up my new road bike yesterday. That Stevens SCF1 is looking pretty darn fast. Thanks Steve for putting the bike together so quickly for me. Much appreciated. Also picked up some new Cyclery team clothing. Lets just say the Cyclery team definitely has the coolest clothes in town – especially the new socks – they are pretty slick. Thanks Vince for the support. Couldn’t do this without you guys watching my back. (Yes, there are baked goods in your future!)

Not to much planned for the weekend. Just about to jump on the trainer for a spin of the legs. This afternoon I’m going to a three-hour core workshop with Mark Laham at Mountaingoat Yoga. Should be interesting and challenging.

Okay, I’m out. Have a solid weekend. Hopefully you’ll have some time to sleep in or even better, take a nap in the afternoon.

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