Moving Forward

The official training has started! Slow start to the week due to some intense interviews on Monday that seemed to simply exhaust me. Didn’t expect this to happen. Funny how the body reacts to stress.

As you know I’m a big yoga fan. I really believe it is integral to my training and for injury prevention. There are so many benefits to yoga that I could go on and on. So last night I couldn’t get to the yoga studio. But we have a copy of Cyclo-Zen on our Apple TV. Perfect chance to try out this 30 minute yoga work-out. Cyclo-Zen is a yoga work-out that is designed with cyclists in mind. The prime focus is on the hamstrings, some lower back stretching, and some quad strengthening work. I enjoyed the work-out. But it wasn’t really enough for me. I’m assuming this is because I’ve been doing yoga for four years now. This being said, I think it is a great yoga work-out for a cyclist who has no intention of going to a yoga studio and is looking for a routine that will add some strength and flexibility. One thing I would suggest is that before doing the routine you watch the video once so you can get a feel for the language used. Will I do this yoga routine again? Sure – it is good for when I can’t get to the yoga studio or want to add a little extra load to my day. I think this work-out is best used by pure cyclists and not by cyclists who already visit their local yoga studio once or more a week.

That’s my two cents!

Just got back from the gym. First day of my lifting program started today. Wow – it has been so long since I’ve been in a gym. Nice change of pace. I’m training at the Nepean Sportsplex – close to the house, cheap, no initiation fee, and I could sign up for only 6 months. Pretty decent gym – has all the free weights that I need and there is room to use the Swiss balls and therabands. I’ve got to say this lifting program is awesome. John Zahab has put together a two day lifting program for me that I know will produce results. Not to mention the additional stretching and mobility exercises I’m doing now. I’ll be lifting three days a week – upper and lower body exercises and yes, I’m going to do this through-out the summer. Don’t shake your head – trying something new.

Can you tell I’m super stoked to get back to training and building towards the new season? Oh, in my last post I said I had a brand new Stevens SCF1 in my basement. Hmm, I was wrong… I have a brand new Stevens SCF in my basement.

Okay, speaking of the brand new bike, I’ve got a 60 minute date with it. Have a good one. Let me know if you try Cyclo-Zen – curious to know what you think of it.

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