That Sweet Feeling

I’ve simply just had a banner week of training. Feel like I’ve got my groove back. I’m smiling again. The pedals are ticking over really smoothly. The numbers are looking super good. Best of all, I feel like a bike racer again.

I had a great ride this evening – endurance ride with some sprint work. And everything just really came together. The bike seemed to just float beneath me. I felt really comfortable on the bike. It responded the way I wanted. My legs were pumping. My brain was where it needed to be (i.e. not thinking about the piles of laundry or the apple pie I’m baking tomorrow).

Nope the brain was right there. Focused and intent on the work-out. I feel well rested. So well rested that I forgot that I did a super work-out at the gym this morning. Amazing how much one can change in a week.

I am back to enjoying the bike. It is no longer a chore. It is my passion again. There is saying around writers “write what you know”. Well I’m doing what I know – and that is training and racing. I’m feel so uber-focused and positive right now. I’m back in that mindset of waking up and going to bed with positive thoughts in my brain.

I’ve got to say this is a pretty sweet place to be. Ray Zahab says in his Run the Sahara movie that it is “90% mental”. I’m starting to have an appreciation for what he means by this. Brain has to be on board and ready to roll – if not, it doesn’t matter how many watts you can pump out.

So all this to say – I’m feeling good. Looking forward to getting in some more excellent work-outs this weekend. Also getting in some family time on Saturday and then some smooth barbecue action here in Barrhaven with Fearless Leader and his better half. Yep it is going to be a good one. Nice sweet reward for a good week of training and a fresh new outlook on life.

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