I don’t claim to have a handle on the state of zen. But for my intents and purposes, I had a moment of zen on my ‘cross bike on Saturday afternoon. I made my way to secret park on Saturday afternoon, somewhat reluctantly. I was tired from my morning work-out and really wasn’t too excited about another ride. But the sun was shining and a commitment is a commitment. Rolled over to my training spot and set up a little course with some makeshift flags. First couple sets weren’t too stellar. I was fighting my bike and my brain.

Then it happened. My brain was clear. My legs felt loose and free. It felt as though the bike was doing all the work and I was simply along for the ride. This for me was a moment of zen. I was there in the moment but at the same time I felt like I was floating – watching it all come together.

The ride got progressively better from there. I flowed through my work-out – moving more quickly through the turns and really sprinting up the hill. I tacked on a few extra sets. In the end I realized I was smiling. I found that moment that makes it worth while.

After my work-out I rolled around the park and just soaked up being outside in nature. It is not often that I have time to just roll around on my bike and enjoy what it affords me. People were out walking, jogging and simply enjoying the urban oasis. I hung out and watched the water rush through Hogs Back Falls. Caught a glimpse of a wedding party getting their photos taken. Watched a little kid munch away at a giant ice cream cone.

So for something that I wasn’t that jazzed about initially, it all came together in the end. This is a feeling I’m trying to keep close this week (since the weather is not looking too great). The days when you don’t feel like going out, often can turn out to be the best rides on the bike. I think one of the keys is to not take things too seriously. I know easier said than done. Perspective is a powerful tool.

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