Feeling It

Oh, it is in the air. The air is thick with it. Can you feel it? Geez, I can practically taste it. Yes, I’m talking about the ‘cross season. It is coming. It is creeping up on us faster than we realize. There is talk all over the WWW about new ‘cross teams, ‘cross racing schedules, plans for Europe, new wheelsets – pretty you name it and some in the ‘cross world is talking about it or being talked about. Seems early this year for the hype and excitement to start. I’m cool with this. I say we need this kind of excitement all year round.

Every year we see more and more cyclists who are making ‘cross their focus. No longer an after thought at the end of a road season or mountain biking season. Cyclo-cross is becoming the season, with road and mountain biking as way to keep the ‘cross fitness and skills. Kinda cool. This is just what we need to keep building momentum in this fine sport.

I’m working on a few little projects to help keep the growth going here in my fine city of Ottawa. Yes, when I have more details, you’ll be the first to know all about it. Lets just say, I’ve realized that as an elite racer, I need to do my part to give back to the community. It is all fine and well for me to race all over North American and Europe, but what is key is making sure that the grass roots remain and get stronger year after year. I think some of you know where I’m going with this… Anyway, I’m jazzed about my little project. Just have to get the logistics sorted and we’ll be good to go.

Got out today for a nice play on the ‘cross bike. Had planned to get out yesterday but I was wiped out with this ridiculous stomach bug. Caught this crazy bug on Saturday. Kept on thinking it would go away – chalked it up to eating too much dried fruit or too much flax seed. Nope, turns out I had the flu after all. So I caved – stayed home from work and did nothing. Yep, pretty darn bored by 5:00.

The good news is – I feel stellar today. Amazing what a few bananas and Immodium can do for a body! So I wasted no time and hit up the ‘cross bike for some fun riding in the trails by my house. What a great network of trails. Each time I hit up this “park” I manage to find some new trails and routes. Even better, each time I go out I’m flowing a bit faster and doing a few more things right. Today I reminded myself to keep on pedaling – “keep pedaling” was the mantra in my head. I caught myself a few times easing off on the pedals when I wasn’t sure what was around the bend – then I remembered – pedal, pedal, pedal. Speed and momentum trumps all.

Slowly but surely the lessons from the years gone by are percolating into my brain. Funny how it sometimes just takes time to put two and two together.

Plan is to get the ‘cross bike out both Saturday and Sunday. I’m hoping to hit up the Gatineau Park on Saturday, so if you have any suggestions for some challenging but not ridiculous trails that I can ride on my ‘cross bike – post up in the comments.

Okay, I’m out. Thanks for reading. Hey, check out my sponsors – excellent companies and people who have stepped forward to support me on my quest for the World Championships.

One thought on “Feeling It

  1. I should have read this earlier. I would have loved to do a cross ride in the Gats with you. I know lots of trails.

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