A Quickie

Just a quick post to let you know that I’m still floating around. Just been some busy days. Not crazy. Just the kind of days that make you wonder where all the time went. I’ve got to say, this heat wave is not fun. I want the cool days of June and July back. I can’t take this heat.

Riding in the humidity is a challenge. But add running into the mix, and it is simply not a good time. But this could be chalked up to the running itself. Hit up the pavement for my second run. Think I’m getting the hang of this running gig. Learned that it helps to run with music – this way I can’t hear my own gasping/panting and my plodding elephant-like feet slapping the ground.

Looking forward to getting out for some more cyclo-cross action this weekend. Plan on Friday after work is to hit up the secret training grounds for some singletrack action. Might do more of the same on Saturday or go to the park and ride around the flags and jump over the barrier. See really what the weather is like. I don’t think it is worth baking in the sun riding around flags.

Bummer about Masters World Cyclo-Cross Championships being canceled. But remember this is only one race. There are so many awesome races in Belgium and Holland for all racers – elite and masters. I think it is still worth the trip. Come over, race, watch some elite racers, go out on some fun group rides, eat some waffles, drink some beer, and have lots of stories to tell when you’re old and rickety.

And if you’re going to do so, you’re going to need some tires. So don’t forget to check out The Cyclery and the fine supply of Dugasts in stock. All prices are in Canadian dollars. I’ll be down at most of the New England Verge races and a bunch of others, so if you need some tire transport, just let me know. Check out my race calendar, order some tires, and then ping me. We can get you set up for a fast and smooth season. And while we’re at it, I’ll hook you up with some easy living in Belgium.

Okay, I’m out. Training is done for the day. I’m off to the movies. Julie and Julia is on the schedule. Happy Thursday!

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