We are booked. Booked for our trip out to western Canada for the Canadian Cyclo-Cross Championships. We managed to get a super price on tickets from Ottawa – Edmonton thanks to the little company that does it right: WestJet. We compared prices on Air Canada and WestJet – we are saving $400 with WestJet and the prices for the extra bikes is much lower with WestJet. Yep, I’m a fan. Maybe even a superfan. At first it seemed a bit crazy early to be booking flights, but dudes, we aren’t that far away from Nationals. The action goes down Oct. 10 in Edmonton and then the following day we have the Jim Horner Classic. Nice.

I’m looking forward to returning to Edmonton. I had a good race there last year and I’m looking forward to improving on that result. And to top it off, my parents are making the trek out from Saskatchewan to cheer on me and Marc. Now that my dad is well-versed in cyclo-cross, he’ll know the drill: arrive at the venue early, wait patiently, stand at the start line with extra wheels and a pump, collect extra jackets and water bottles, race around the course cheering and taking a whole lot of pictures, be there at the finish with warm-up clothes and a big smile. Pretty lucky to have this kind of support. It will be my mom’s first time at a ‘cross race. I think this will be easier on her than standing in freezing cold arenas watching my wee little brother getting bodychecked into the boards or watching me get punched and hand out some out sturdy lefts and rights in the taekwon-do ring. I promise there will be no punching or bodychecking at ‘cross Nationals. Can’t do much about the cold though….

So I had planned to go out and do some skill work yesterday. But I decided to listen to my body. I had a super good ride behind the motor bike on Wednesday morning (well, I did implode 28 minutes into the 30 minute session…). I felt super good on the ride into the office after the work-out. Legs were a bit sluggish on my commute home, but nothing crazy. So why the rest in the evening? Well, some of my UC symptoms returned – they had been dormant for a few days, and on Wednesday they came back. So remembering the message I received from my gastro doctor about “taking it easy”, I decided not to push things. Turns out it was the right decision.

I’ve felt great today. UC symptoms are gone again. Had a great endurance ride this morning followed by a smooth commute in. Good ride home followed by a 30 minute run. And the good news – my body is still playing along nicely. Feeling great. Wouldn’t even know that I have the UC. So this is a banner day. Yes, I did sweat a bit about not doing my planned skills ride yesterday. But you know what? It is not a big deal. I don’t want to put myself in a hole. (It has taken me a long time to accept that ‘less is more’ really does make sense.)

I am stoked to be hitting up the trails tomorrow after work. Looking forward to playing in the sand and just being one with sticks and twigs. Saturday afternoon/early evening I will be out doing some ‘cross drills. So if you’re in Ottawa and you want to come out – seriously – email me. I’m going to be there and hopefully Marc as well. Just planning on setting up the flags and doing some stuff. I’ll bring out the trusty PVC barrier as well. Hey, at the very least it gives you an excuse to dig out your ‘cross bike an come out to Barrhaven for some fun.

Okay, I’m out. Have a good one. See you on Saturday or on Sept. 19 in Pennsylvania.

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  1. Yup! We’re looking forward to Edmonton, too. But you missed out the part about getting very cold because of rain, wind, and snow! 🙂

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