Most Excellent

I’d have to say that today was a most excellent training day. Had a bit of a lazy start to the day with some lingering over breakfast and the Internet. Kicked the day of training off with a two hour endurance ride featuring a bevy of tempo intervals. I felt good. So good. The wattage was where I wanted and my legs were pretty much happy with the efforts. Zipped in the garage, switched bikes, quick change of clothes, a chocolate mint Clif Builder bar, a splash of lemon water and I was out the door in a mere 20 minutes for part two of the training. Hit up a park near the house for some cyclo-cross action.

Luckily the park was completely empty, giving us free range to do what we wanted. I warmed up by riding the lines. Yep, riding the marked up soccer field – lots of tight turns and twists. Then some mount and dismount practice. I find these two warm-up drills help get the feel of the bike and remind the body how to do things progressively with speed and finesse. Then it was flag time. This park features a shallow slope so I set up the grid and Marc and I got to work on riding the grid. We attacked it by riding up across the hill then riding down through the grid. The highlight of this training session was getting some excellent feedback from Marc. Helps to have a set of eyes there to give a different perspective on the drill. Then we practiced descending with speed, cornering and attacking the climb. Again, more lessons learned.

What a difference it makes to train with someone else. Lots of positive interaction. We were able to talk about the best ways to attack the drill and work through different ideas.

We were both pretty baked by the end of this 90 minute session. Normally I like to take a bit of a break after my road work-out before heading out for a ‘cross skills ride. But today we had a bunch of other stuff on the agenda. So we decided since the top priorities were the training, best to get this done first and then we could relax a bit and get our other errands done. Pretty satisfying in the end to be able to relax and chill out after two excellent work-outs.

On deck for Sunday: three hour ride, 30 minute ride and maybe a skills session at the park again. I kind of want to get out there and practice everything I learned today. I’m a slowish learner so I need to get out there and repeat, repeat, repeat. As my old taekwon-do coach told me “practice makes improvement”.

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