Good Grove

Do you ever have one of those weeks? One of those weeks where each day is just so darn good? So good that you’re afraid to push the limits, lest you mess it up and cross the line into not-so-good? This is the kind of week I’ve had.

Everything just seems to be coming together so well. My body is finally getting better and I’m feeling like my old self again. I really notice this on my rides. I’m recovering much better and I’m not wiped out wit fatigue. And I want to ride and ride and ride some more. This is awesome. I’ve started working with Beth Mansfield of Peak Performance and I think some really good things will come of this. Quite fascinating right now – I’m tracking my calorie/food intake and my activity level/efforts in an online database. The numbers are fascinating. Looking forward to what Beth does with the data.

Got a great gift yesterday… My new mountain bike/’cross shoes are here. These sweet yellow puppies are sitting in my living room right now. Oh man they are smooth. Fit like a glove. So light. Can’t believe how light they are. Looking forward to popping some cleats on them and taking them out for a spin next week. Thanks so much OGC – your support is overwhelming.

The new bikes are coming together nicely. Looking forward to getting out on them and giving them a few test rides. I’m still riding my old bikes until the new ones are ready. No biggie since thank to Steve at The Cyclery, they will be dialed in to the same specs as my current bikes. Makes it much easier to move to new bikes when there are professionals taking care of the little details for me. Thanks Steve!

I got out for a pretty awesome ride this morning. Hit up the woods by our house and just let my feet guide me. I ripped around the pine needles. Floated through the sand. I put together a couple more training loops that offer up some other types of riding. There is one section with a series of bridges that require a great deal of front wheel lifting… Not one of my favorite things. So I put together a loop that involves hitting up some bridges quite quickly (coming off a descent) and then being forced to lift the front wheel repeatedly to get onto the bridges, then rip through some singletrack with two forced dismounts, and back onto another trail with a couple more bridges and a steep little climb. It is not a long loop, but it has enough in it to keep the brain going and adrenaline flowing. Fun times.

Extra bonus of today is a visit from the FedEx man… Oh yah, my new Ottawa Cross clothing should be arriving any minute. So stoked. Looking forward to checking out the new kit and some cool new duds. A massive shout out to Steve aka Fearless Leader for once again taking the time to do my clothing design. Yeesh, without him, I’d really be in a sorry state – no bikes and no clothing. A naked bike-less cyclo-cross racer – not a good visual image (the tan lines alone are enough to scare young children!). I’ll post up some photos of the new kit next week. Not a major re-design – just a couple new sponsors added.

We are off to Binghamton, N.Y. today for a weekend of criterium racing. Marc and I are both racing in the Chris Thater Memorial Races. Should be some fast times. I’m racing on Saturday and Marc is doing the double – masters race on Saturday and the elite/pro race on Sunday. If you’re at the races, come by and say hello. I’ll be racing in my smooth blue Cyclery kit and Marc will be sporting the Ride with Rendall kit (oh, and his National Champs jersey!!).

Well, I best be off. A couple of little errands to run before we hit the road. Have a great weekend. Whatever you do, I hope it involves the outdoors, sun, bikes, family, friends, and good food.

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