Fun, Fun, Fun

Had a ton of fun on the ‘cross bike again today. Original plan was to go out and work on skills in the park. But then Marc said he was going out to our favorite training grounds… So I changed up my plans and decided to go out for a ‘cross ride with him. Super glad I did. Marc has put together a cool training loop that gives us a lot in three minutes:

– sand
– twisty singletrack
– deep grass
– tight right and left turns

Not bad for a mere three minutes. Cool thing about this loop is that it can be extended to include some speedy downhills and some run-ups.

Had a blast chasing Marc around the wood. Then even more fun making him chase me!

Dudes, it is coming together. I’m feeling good these days. Body is feeling much better. Head is in an excellent space. Bikes are clicking along smoothly. New team clothing will be here soon. First race is right around the corner.

Pretty darn sweet.

(P.S. I’ll be out at 7 a.m. tomorrow at the little park on Mount Shannon Drive in Barrhaven if you want to come out for some fun and learning with the flags.)

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