The Sky is Falling!

Ah the good ‘ol second day of racing on the cyclo-cross double-header weekend. Somehow the Sunday morning comes so much more quickly on the second race day. Funny how that is. I suppose staying up a bit later on the Saturday night to do things like surf the WWW and catch up with the other race action going on doesn’t help! Plus there is the post-race racing brain to deal with. Don’t know about you but sometimes after a race I tend to race the race over and over again in my head. I tell myself this is a good thing – an indicator that I’m working on learning from the day’s race…

Anyway, on to Sunday. We made our way to beautiful Druid Hill Park in Baltimore, Maryland for some more cyclo-cross racing action. Wow – what a park. Massive, complete with a conservatory, botanical gardens, zoo, amazing green spaces and so much more that I didn’t even glimpse. I’m always impressed with the places we get to race our cyclo-cross bikes.

We found a decent spot for the massive Yukon. (Oh I’d love to own a Yukon – so comfy to travel in and pretty darn handy for ‘cross racing.) At least we thought we had a decent spot. Seems there are a lot of acorn trees in Druid Hill Park… No sooner do we pop open the back of the truck and start unloading do we here “bang” “bang” and stuff is falling all around us. What the heck?

Yes, the sky was falling. Acorns! Duck. Run for cover. I can tell you those little suckers hurt. Now I know how Chicken Little felt. Oh well, better to get drilled in the head by a few pesky acorns than to nail my head on a tree again!

I’ve written a full race report. Go check it out for all the racing action details. I do have to say that Marc had an awesome race today. He started way back in the field and rode his way through so many guys to finish in 6th place. I was so stoked to see him ride like that. He just kept on digging extra deep and making moves to get around guys. Inspiring.

The day was pretty good. Lots of fun racing action. Catching up with friends from over the years and chatting with people we met on Saturday. The atmosphere was pretty cool at Charm City. Lots of families out enjoying the day with kids playing in the play structure and their moms and dads cheering on friends and family. There were fans all over the course – by the sand, at the massive cement barricades, on the stair run-up and on the various climbs. Oh, and the barbecue. I’ve never seen a barbecue like this before! The meat that these people were cooking up looked and smelled amazing. The line-up went on forever. During the race I could get a whiff of the barbecue as I raced on by.

The drive home was long but pretty much uneventful. One minor detour (thanks to me in Pennsylvania) but other than that we made good time. We elected to just eat as we drove so I packed up a bunch of sandwiches, fruit, veggies, and trail mix for us (with a few cans of coke thrown in for good measure plus two stops at Sbucks for me).

A most excellent weekend of racing. Many highlights to take away from both races. Great to get in some early races to test out the form and the brain. Even better to hook up with our ‘cross racing friends. Extra bonus of meeting some new people. I will definitely make the trip down again next year to race at Nittany Lions and Charm City – two excellent race courses – with solid promoters, well organized, two different and challenging courses and smooth ‘cross vibes on both days.

Next up are the first races in the New England Verge Series in Catamount. Looking forward to these races. Extra plus is being in Burlington. I’ve already got my stomach set on a trip to Moe’s after the race on Sunday. And my wallet is primed for a stop at EMS and Barnes and Noble for a little browsing/shopping! Good times ahead. Super fortunate to be doing this.

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