Ride with Rendall ‘Cross Clinic

It all starts tomorrow night (Wednesday). The Ride with Rendall ‘cross clinics are starting again for the season. These clinics are excellent sessions for you to get out and learn new skills and refine existing skills.

These clinics are open to all skill levels. Anyone can attend – you do not need to be a member of Ride with Rendall to attend.

I attended a number of these clinics last year – learned a lot and had fun just hanging out with other people.

Here are the details:

– 10 weeks of clinics
– the first 3 weeks will take place on Wednesday nights at 5:30pm in the park at Carling and Champagne (Across from Rogers store).
– registration forms to fill out, and all riders will need a UCI licence, Citizen Permit, or else you will need to purchase of a one day licence.
– a nominal fee of $10 for the season.

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