Lovely Vermont

Oh, I really really like Vermont. So beautiful. So much green. Mountains. Fresh cool air. Nice.

We had a pretty easy drive down. We went through Cornwall to avoid the Montreal rush hour chaos. Worked perfectly. Cool part of the drive was the ferry. We took a ferry from N.Y. state to Vermont. Nice. A mere $9 and a 12 minute ferry ride. Actually very relaxing.

Got to Catamount and we squeezed in a few laps before darkness descended. The course was all set out so we were able to check it out. Grass is the word of the day. Flowy course. Some long steady climbs. Fast tight little descent. A run-up/ride with logs. A fast descent down and around the barn. I really like the course. Challenging. But there are places to catch your breath.

We caught up with the Ottawa cyclo-cross crowd and with our pals from Mass. Great way to kick off the weekend. Now we’re settled in with Skip’s family. So super awesome to be staying in a house rather than a hotel. Thanks Jen and Shane for the hospitality! We’ve just kind of taken over the basement with our bikes. Shane did a little wrenching on my bike and fixed up my rear derailleur! The boys are off at the grocery store – time will tell if they actually buy what they are supposed to!

Well, I’m going to sign off. I’ll post up a race report tomorrow and of course a story about the day. Looking forward to a fun day of racing, cheering, and hanging out with friends.

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