Green Vermont

Green is the perfect word for Vermont. Everywhere my eye wanders I see green grass. This was definitely the word of the day at the Catamount Outdoor Center. Green grass. A fast grassy course. Dry as a bone. Loved the race today. Great venue. Challenging course. Lots of people out cheering. Well organized. Bumped into lots of old friends and made some new ones.

Can’t really beat this for a Saturday. And to top it off I got to watch Marc race his bike and then I got to race. Smooth. Marc and Steve were up first racing in the elite Masters field. They both suffered some crashes which set them both back but I’d have to say they put on some pretty good shows. Riding through the field to finish off in with solid results. Great riding guys. As usual, an inspiration for me. Robbie O put down a super awesome race in the 45 plus elite Masters race and finished off 4th. Way to go Rob! Josee also raced this morning with the 3/4 women and she had a most excellent ride. Way to go Josee!

All in all a most excellent day at the races. I had a decent day on the bike. Check out the race report.

Just chilling out here and relaxing. Catching up with the goings on out there in ‘cross racing land. Convincing Shane to race cyclo-cross. Think it is going to happen! Talk has switched to all out ‘cross and biking in general. Got to say it is super awesome to be hanging out a house instead of a hotel. So much more room to spread out. Nice to have other people to talk to and hang out with. Also extra bonus is having a big kitchen and just room to be. Looking forward to another excellent day tomorrow. Weather is calling for rain but I don’t believe it. I fully believe it will be dry. Okay, I’m out. Thanks for all the cheering and support out on the course. See you tomorrow!

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