(written earlier this morning in Frankfurt)

So, I know I’m in the right place for me. Just saw a guy ride his bike through the Frankfurt airport. Yes, he was riding it. Not walking it. Not dragging it in a bike box. Pedaling through the terminal. Cool. Doubtful I’ll ever see this in an airport in North America…

So chilling out here in Frankfurt for a bit. Have kind of a long lay-over before my flight to Venice. It was either a 45 minute sprint through the airport or a 6 hour lay-over. I chose the 6 hour lay-over. Determined that this would help ensure that my trusty Stevens Super-Prestige bikes make it on the flight to Venice. Besides this is much less stressful for me. I’m sitting in a comfy chair in the Sbucks. Watching people. And being watched. This is what happens when you are wearing a compression shirt. As you know compression shirts are tight. And hot. Darn hot. Too hot to be wearing the comfy baggy shirt over top. So basically I’m naked from the waist up. Ah well, kind of used to this from spending a lot of time in spandex!

A crazy thing happened on the plane today. I was in the bathroom and quickly glanced at my reflection. I had the biggest grin on my face. I’m talking massive. Reality sunk in. I was on a plane. Making my way to Treviso, Italy because I’m racing in the World Cup on Sunday. How awesome is this? I really can’t believe it! I know it shouldn’t be a shock or surprise. I mean this is the path I’ve been working on for a while now. But when it all comes together the first time it is still a bit of shock.

I can’t really explain how happy I’m feeling right now. I just simply am. This whole trip feels right. It fits. What a feeling. Yes, there will be some craziness – putting together two bikes, driving in Italy, etc. But I’m not freaked out by it. I feel ready. I can handle the curve balls.

This is thanks in a large part to my number one supporter – Marc. This guy has my back every time I turn around. Words of encouragement. Advice. Stern words when require to shake me out of a fog. He is just so supportive, it really is overwhelming. Truly wouldn’t be here without him.

(now writing in real time from Hotel du Raggi)

Well, I made it. Long lay-over in Frankfurt combined with a one hour flight delay caused me to start to feel some serious fatigue. But hauling my gear through Marco Polo airport and driving gave me a second wind. Got here to the hotel without the trusty GPS. Not sure how I did it – followed some cryptic directions and the next thing I’m here.

Put the bikes together. Probably took longer than it should have but they are together now! Lucked out and was given an extra little room in which to store my bike boxes and bikes. The hotel staff are super friendly. Good supper here at the hotel. Tomorrow I’ll take the bikes out for a spin and then thanks to Christine V.’s husband, they’ll get a good once-over to make sure they are put together correctly.

So far things are really coming together. Got some emergency headset help from Vince over the phone. Thanks Vince – you saved the day. Now I think I’ll hit the hay. I’m beat. Thanks for the emails and messages of encouragement. I’ll be racing on Sunday knowing that so many people are cheering for me. This means a lot.

2 thoughts on “Italy

  1. Glad to hear that you arrived safely! Sending good wishes to Italy. We’re looking forward to seeing Marc tomorrow, and a pending rainy weekend in Gloucester.

    Pedal fast!

    (oh, and your package arrived and is waiting for Marc)

  2. Have a great time racing in Gloucester. One of my favorite race courses and venues. Ah, you’re ready for the rain after last weekend in Vermont. Thanks again for looking after Marc. Also, thanks for taking care of that special package. Just need to make sure Marc remembers to bring it home with him!

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