Time is Now

Today is the day. Hopping on the plane in a few hours. Off to the land of cyclo-cross. So so lucky. So fortunate to be able to do this. It is finally sinking in that I’m doing this. I guess I kind of take it for granted that I’m doing this. I mean, it only makes sense to me. I want to do something to the maximum, so figure out what that maximum is, pursue it, and then do it. But I forget that this is not always possible for people – or even imaginable. Guess I really am lucky in more ways than one.

I’m really feeling ready for this trip. This is my time. I can feel it. My body is strong. My mind is here. Confidence is high. Legs are fresh. Lungs and heart are ready to go. As I was driving home from some errands today, I started to think about the upcoming racing. I broke out into a massive smile. This is massive for me. In years past, I would have started to stress and worry about the race and what “could happen”. Not any more. Nope, I don’t have these thoughts. Rather I look forward to the races. I want to race, rip my legs off, rip your legs, test myself, scare myself, push my limits.

This is just where I need to be right now. How did I reach this nirvana? Don’t know. Suppose it is a culmination of the hardwork on and off the bike. Maybe my racing experience is starting to shine through? (Yes, I know in the relative grand scheme of things, I don’t have heaps of racing experience…) But maybe I’m finally ready and able to learn from the bike? Don’t know really how I reached this point. But I’m super glad I’ve found it. I imagine this is what the women who are always on the podium feel like. A wave of confidence and restfulness – knowing that they (I) am doing the right thing?

Whatever it is, I’m going to roll with it.

I really need to get get going – leaving for the airport in a few minutes. But before I do, please be sure to check out my sponsors:
KingsBridge Disaster Recovery
The Cyclery
Outdoor Gear Canada
Clif Bar
Bell Lap Coaching

Without these fine companies, I would not be where I am. Many many thanks to: Skip, Vince, Dave, Eric, and Steve.

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