Yikes what an insane trip I’ve had. Pretty much every leg of it was met with some head scratching and little hiccup. But the good news is, I’m here. Sitting at the grand dining table in Blauberg, staring at a bunch of cycling trophies and flowers that were won by the likes of Mark Cavendish and Bradley Wiggins. Doesn’t get more solid than that.

So the trip. Well, I wrote all about it over at Victoria’s Island. But in case you don’t want to click over there (you should by the way – more interesting writing happening at my first home on the WWW), here is the day:
1. Pay an extra $500 at the Air Canada check-in desk: $225 x 2 for extra bags + $50 x 2 for bikes.
2. Make a medical emergency landing in Halifax. Stuck in Halifax for 1 hour.
3. Land in Frankfurt at 9:30 a.m. I miss my connection by 15 minutes.
4. Wait for 3.5 hours for next flight to Brussels.
5. This flight is delayed by 30 minutes.
6. Land in Brussels. No bikes. File baggage claim.
7. Get flat tire in rental car. Get tire fixed.
8. Rescued by Jos.

Just heard that my bikes have been found. They will be delivered tonight. Need to stay awake now!

The good news is I’m here. Everything worked out. I’ve got some groceries. I’m sitting down in front of the computer. I’ve got a good day planned for tomorrow. Thursday looks good as well (group ride). Bonus is I get to race the World Cup in Nommay, France this weekend. Really it doesn’t get much better than this. Well, some fine Belgian bread would help – but this will have to wait until Wednesday morning.

A crazy block of travel is in the books. I miss Marc like crazy. But he’ll be here soon enough. Until then I need to put my head down and get some excellent races in the books.

Alright, this is all I have for today. Sorry for the brevity. I’m feeling a bit punchy so I’m kind of afraid of what might come out of these fingers. Really I need sleep. But really I need my bikes more.

One thought on “Phew

  1. well at least you got all of the bad luck out of the way, now it should be smooth sailing! Have a great time in Europe, race hard, and most importantly enjoy and have fun.

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