Coming Together

Do you ever have a couple of days where everything just seems to click. You feel good. Legs are solid. You’re getting some good sleep so recovery is spot on. Downtime from the bike is fun and relaxing. The head is on straight. Really you feel like a million bucks. The pedals seem to turn a little more easily and you’re flying along the road/trails.

This is what this week has been like for me. Can’t put my finger on one thing that has contributed to this feeling. Really it is a feeling of euphoria. I really do believe it is because I’m in the best mental space I’ve ever been in. I’m feeling so damn good about myself. I just want to go out and race. I know I’m not going to pull some “miracle” result out of the bag. Most likely, I’ll probably finish where I normally do. But this is okay. This is not the end of the journey for me.

I’m only getting started. This will not be my last World Championships or my last European cyclo-cross season. Nope. This is the year where I came, I learned, I tried, I fell down, I picked myself up, put the smile back on my face and lined up again. Can’t buy this kind of experience.

I know the next two races are going to be hard. The last World Cup and then the World Championships. Cool. Lucky me. I’m doing something that not just anyone can do. I’ve earned it. So I’m going to go out and enjoy it. I predict that I’ll be racing with a big smile on my face this weekend and next.

Had a super training ride today. Close to three hours with a steady two hours of endurance followed by 30 minutes of tempo and then some recovery time. I rolled all over the place. Bicycle paths. Small twisting country roads. Busier roads. You name the town in this area, I probably road by it! An excellent ride.

And now here at the house we’re at maximum capacity. Four more Canadians/Ottawans arrived today. It is great to have some familiar faces from home here. Looking forward to a relaxing trail ride tomorrow and then off to Hoogerheide for pre-ride on Saturday.

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