Good One

Another day is close to being in the books here. And as usual, it ranks up there as a good one. A very good one.

Great morning hanging out with the Canadian gang here. So nice to have such familiar faces here as I get ready for these next two races. We’ve got a good mix of racers and supporters here so it keeps everything pretty balanced. Chilled out a bit appreciating my new Illy medium roast espresso coffee – makes a very smooth cappuccino.

Then it was off for a fun recovery ride. Tossed the Michelin Jets on my bike and went off in search of a bit of dirt and a bit of road. It all came together perfectly. Zipped around Averbode on the trails for a bit. Then some time on the bike path took me to the Wandelpark by Tessenderlo. Zipped around on the trails there. Out onto the road. Bit of pedaling on some twisty country roads. Popped back into the Wandelpark and then back to Averbode. Took the long route home and checked out some of my favorite neighbourhoods. A great ride. Amazing what you can pack into 90 minutes!

I’m feeling good. The thumb is pretty good. Gets a bit tired. But I don’t pedal with my thumbs! Head is on straight. Perspective is in check. Smile is on my face. Looking forward to fun on bikes. And I’m serious. Just going to soak up these last two races. Enjoy being a bike racer.

Looks like we’ll be taking off on Monday morning for the drive to Tabor, Czech Republic. I’ll have my computer but I’m not sure about the Internet access at our hotel… I’ll do my best. But if you don’t see anything from me – don’t worry – it is only because there is no WWW access. Just send me your positive vibes on Jan. 31!

Off to pre-ride Hoogerheide tomorrow. I’ll let you know what I think.

Thanks again for the support. I can feel you helping the pedals turn.

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