Last One

Well, this is the last “night before” for the 2009 – 2010 cyclo-cross season. The day before my last race of the season. Kind of cool to finish the season at the Cyclo-Cross World Championships. But kind of sad to see the season ending. It has been a break-through year for me. I’ve pushed myself harder physically, mentally, and technically than I ever have.

The good thing is knowing that I’ve still got more in me. I see this really as my first season of racing cyclo-cross. I’ve come a long way this season but I’ve still got so much more to learn. This is a good thing. I’m thankful for this situation. I know that with more hardwork during the off-season and in-season, I’ll return for 2010 – 2011 even more prepared than I am now.

I’m feeling pretty good. Had a good dose of the nerves earlier today. But this has passed. I knew it would happen, just sure when it would happen. Got in a solid opening work-out on the trainer today. I watched the junior boys’ race as I pedaled away. It was nice to have Jared Stafford (who raced in the U23 race today) keeping me company while I sweated it out. We watched the race, oohed and ahed at the television and then Jared zipped off for his race.

Many congrats to the young Canadians who raced today: Conor O’Brien, Kris Dahl, Mack Carson, Keirnan Orange and Jared Stafford. For some of these young guys, it was their first racing experience in Europe. Not easy to have your first race in Europe happen at the World Championships. The energy these guys had at supper, reliving the race and talking about what happened was pretty energizing. I think this is one of the best aspects of racing, being able to sit around and talk about the race afterwards.

Well, my numbers are pinned on. Race bag is packed. Pre-ride clothes are organized. Pre-race food is ready. Bikes are in tip top shape thanks to Marc. I’m ready to go. I’m getting to the course early as usual. I’m a creature of habit and like to arrive three hours in advance. For some people this is overkill but I like to have time. I always run into someone and get talking… I also need to get out on the course and ride a few laps. The conditions have changed a lot since I was last on it. I also don’t like to be rushed. So three hours is perfect for me.

Alright, next update from me will be a Cyclo-Cross World Championships race report. Man, I get the chills just writing that!

Couldn’t do this without the amazing support from my sponsors, my coach, Marc and you.

One thought on “Last One

  1. Just saw the results – CONGRATS! So psyched for you to have had a good race, and such a great experience. Remember that we want pics! The Canada kit looked pretty darned spiffy!

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