Cyclo-Cross World Championships Photos

I’m still riding a pretty strong wave of emotions from the race. Amazing what feelings of pride, success, and confidence can do! We had a great morning in Prague. Walked around, took in a few sights and have made plans to return. Such a beautiful city.

But I digress, what you really want are the photos! Here are photos from the pre-race action:

Race action – thanks to Luc for these photos:

Race photo taken by Cor Vos:

Race photos taken by Rob Jones:

Here is a post-race photo of Alex, myself, and Marc:

Me and U23 Mongolian team:

This is myself and Miroslav. Miroslav lives in Chicago but returned to the Czech Republic because his brother was announcing the race (along with Richard Fries):

Team Ottawa/Chelsea:

Team Canada 2010:

Thanks again for the support. Many thanks to Matthew Knight of the Canadian Cycling Association, he made it super easy to concentrate on the racing – Matt did basically everything for us – number pick-up, registration, transponders, etc (all the stuff I’m used to doing at a World Cup). Huge shout out to Alex Sanna of Soigneur Race Services for his amazing work through-out the week – cleaning, fixing, tweaking my bikes and being there on race day for anything I needed. Marc was amazing this entire time – his support, patience, guidance, reassurances, and bike work were outstanding and definitely played a huge role in my getting to and racing in the Cyclo-Cross World Championships. Couldn’t have done it without you Marc!

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