Oh man, I so want to ride my bike. It has only been two weeks but I just really want to get back on and start pedaling again. Honestly, I’m not looking forward to spending time on the trainer. But this is what an Ottawa-living bike racer has to do.

I am thinking that if it does hit 0 tomorrow, I can take my mountain bike out for a spin. There is not much snow here so conditions could be good for a fun little spin at Slack or Stony Swamp. Nothing aggressive or hard. (I am still on a rest break…) But just something to bring some pink to my cheeks and a smile on my face.

Groundwork and plans are being made for the 2010 – 2011 season. Lots of exciting stuff is going to be happening. My cyclo-cross schedule is looking pretty awesome so far. The summer is shaping up with lots of fun on bikes. I’m doing a couple of 24 hour mountain bike events this year (not solo…). I’ll also be sporting a new kit… I’ll tell you more when I can. But lets just say, life is good for this little bike racer.

Now what I really should do is put together my bikes… Worst thing about being away for the ‘cross season, is the unpacking and “putting away” of stuff!

I hope to ride outside this weekend. What about you?

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