Snow Days

Plan for today was to hit up the woods with my trusty mountain bike. Well, it didn’t happen. Woke up to some fresh snow on the ground… Not a lot but enough to make the ride more “slog” than fun. But, the bike is all primed and ready for Thursday. Pedals are on. Tires are pumped up. I’m such a keener that I’ve even got my riding clothes all laid out.

Yep – I want to ride. I miss pedaling and feeling the wind on my face. I miss the smell of the sun. I really miss that dull ache that a good hard ride gives you. So Thursday it is. The forecast is calling for flurries, but I’m ignoring this. Power of positive thinking and I’ll be out there messing around in the woods.

I’m in the last bit of my “recovery block”. This is the longest break I’ve ever taken – 3 weeks. The first week really dragged. The second week was action-packed with lots of walking and sightseeing in London, England. This third week has been pretty good full of catching up with friends, relaxing, unpacking, and watching the Olympics. But, can I let you in on a little secret?

I really really want to ride my bike. I want to ride it so badly I’m actually looking forward to riding the trainer in the basement.

I take this desire to ride, sweat, and ache as a good thing. A really good thing. It tells me that the fire that got me to where I am is still burning bright and fierce. Can you feel it?

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